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Columbia Magazine cover winter 2023

Columbia Magazine cover winter 2023 AD: Len Small

Columbia cover winter 2024

Columbia Magazine winter 2024 AD: Len Small

Sturm window illustration

Dr. Barbara Sturm Cosmetics window illustration

Story for The New Yorker about the Met Opera

The Making of an Opera: “Die Zauberflöte” (“The Magic Flute”)

Story for The New Yorker about the Met Opera illustrated story_kroik

Story for The New Yorker about the Met Opera

Illustration of Eugenia Cheng who wrote a book about math

May/June issue of MIT Technology Review magazine. AD Eric Mongeon

Airmail Magazine
Birdwatching and Mental Health

Indianapolis Monthly March 2023 issue AD Margot Wininger

2 vegan bakery
mandarin duck_sm
eately minipig_sm
anne no frame_sm
xmas subway reading2_sm
Drawing at the Gala
elizabeth inklink bookstore_sm
Lady Writing at the Met
word up 192 _sm
Beautiful Baker

Seen at Clearflour Bakery in Boston

Girl in the Painting
Romantic Date at the MET
subway beauty_sm
Country Fair
Barbara views Vermeer
Reading Music on the Train
Nun and Dino
Morgan Library Red Room
Snow Storm NYC
Touring the MET
Contain yourself at the Morgan
At the Fashion Exhibit
fashion monk girl_sm
Loving Olden Times (Guggenheim)
Salicates Salinger
All Fashions are Great
Lichtenstein Man
Matisse and Cat
Freddie Mercury
Barbara Streisand
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